Gregory V. Diehl

Gregory V. Diehl writes on personal development, self-awareness, and responsibility in a radically direct and idiosyncratic sort of way. His words are meant to prod into readers’ hidden motivators, point out internal contradictions, antagonize unexamined premises, and carry personal values to their logical extremes.

Diehl fosters self-aware thinking in the most elemental (and too-often overlooked) form of discourse: to listen with fierce intensity to the unfiltered expressions of the people and cultures that make up the world, codify them, challenge them, and restate them without the narrative personal bias – to describe a thing as it really is. The result is to separate readers from their attachments to the stories they tell themselves about the most important issues of their lives so they can make progress they once assumed to be impossible.

Diehl’s latest publication, The Heroic and Exceptional Minority, offers his unique perspective and advice to people who naturally struggle to integrate their natural identities with the unprincipled ways of the world. It is a good starting point for readers seeking to understand the foundations of his perspective on meaningful living. His next book, Everyone Is an Entrepreneur, examines human behavior around the world through an entrepreneurial lens and seeks to answer the question of why we so often act against our own interests when we are clearly smart and aware enough to do the opposite. It is scheduled for release in early 2022.

What Readers Say:

“He’s not one of the hyper-empathic, hyper-feeling, trauma-healing kind of author. He startles me. He can be adversarial, provocative in his writing, but that’s not his only technique. He only pushes your buttons when you’re not logical, or he pushes them when you settle for mediocrity. He’ll try to jar you when you’re stuck in a story or are sitting unaware of the rest of the world.”

“He doesn’t care what you think coming in. I don’t even think he cares what you end up thinking. He wants to see your thinking and rethinking as it happens. He’s impatient and demanding sometimes. But it works somehow. He makes you stronger.”

“I love the deep questioning Gregory does. Seeing someone who’s dissected even the most rudimentary of things about being a human has really helped me feel less lonely and allowed me to relax more into the path that I carve through life.”